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Company Info

Our primary goal is to establish a company that offers a complete array of services. We want to service your elevator needs and keep them well maintained. We have the ability to repair, replace, and make high quality renovations. We feel that one of the most important aspects of a prospective new tenant or buyer when they come to a building is the elevator. The cosmetic appearance, lighting, smooth ride, accurate stopping, quiet, firm, and smooth door opening and closing, says a lot about the elevator owner and the company servicing the elevator. Do they care about the building? Do they care about safety? Many things affect the operation of an elevator. You, as the owner/manager, can feel confident in the services that we provide. A lot can be said about a service company that does not keep critical areas clean, safe, and in good working order.

Donald Cassell Jr. - President

Our founder Don Cassell is a well respected, and very driven individual. In 1982 his father Don Sr. introduced him to the elevator trade at the age of nineteen. He started working in elevator construction for Fujitec, and then Westinghouse, which is now Schindler Elevator Company. Don's passion for the trade has provided him with the resources and the necessary tools, to eventually start his own company.

Donald Cassell III - Vice President

Our Vice President Donald Cassell III is a 3rd generation involved in the elevator business. His youthfulness brings new and interesting ideas to the company. For example, digital media, including our youtube, and facebook pages, and our advanced word processing. He is eager to be fully knowledgeable of the tasks at hand and understand everything about the trade while bringing in his own ideas and innovations.

James Vitello - Sales Manager

Our sales associate James is new to the company, and through diligence plus hard work has excelled to the companies sales manager. James is a very personable, determined young man with a great knowledge of the elevator business. We are proud to have him representing our company, and look forward to having him on our team for years to come.